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December 29, 2022 in IBD

I've stumped my doctors and am turning to crowd sourcing! Does anybody else deal with abnormally loud stomach/bowel noises? It's like my stomach is growling all the time! I've asked my doctors, they've looked into it and said there isn't really anything they can do, that it most likely has to do with the scarring on my internal organs and the amount of surgeries I've had. I'm not willing to accept that this is just something I have to deal with. Has anybody dealt with anything like this before, or have any ideas on what I could do to make it a little less disruptive?

(Note: I'm also neurodivergent, and the volume and frequency of the noise triggers a lot of sensory issues for me)

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  • Jackie_ZExpert

    YES! My insides are crazy loud all the time.

    I've found a few things that help in my body:

    When I have a build up of pressure that I can feel in my belly, if I push on it with my fingers, I can usually get it to move. It DOES make noise but its almost like I can control when it does. This provides a little relief to me in those moments but also it feel like a little bit of control.

    I also find that my noises get louder and more frequent if I need to poop but I've been putting it off.

    For the most part, I've had doctors say the same. There isn't really much to do about it. You could try charcoal pills to help absorb the gas but I think those are hit or miss.

    I'm lucky in that these noises don't trigger any of my own sensory issues so I feel for you in that regard. I don't want to just say "deal with it" but I'm wondering if you kept a journal and maybe tracked for a few days what you do eat, body movements, bowel movements, you might be able to see what triggers the louder sounds and see if you make some changes that way.

    I usually just make jokes about it when I'm around people. I actually really dislike when someone says "oh are you hungry" I usually just say, "nope this is just who I am" or something like that.

    January 5, 2023
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