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May 9, 2022 in IBD

I'd love to learn a little more about who you are and where you're at on your IBD journey.


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  • Wendy_LExpert
    Care Partner of Adult

    What a great idea! We all have profiles here on the site, but that certainly doesn't mean we're taking the time to learn about each other...

    I'm Wendy, Content & Communinty Manager here at IBDLyfe. Also the mom of an amazing young man with UC, mental illness, and autism spectrum disorder. Enthusiastic to share my experiences and my newfound discoveries on innovations in the IBD world. Hoping to continue learning through our community here. Oh yeah, also the luckiest human to be owned by Chloe, one adorably snarky calico. :-)

    May 9, 2022
  • KatelynPatient

    Hi! I'm Katelyn. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2012 at 19 years old, although I've been sick since I was 11 (8 years of misdiagnosis as IBS). I struggled with my Crohn's a lot during the first handful of years after my diagnosis, which happened to coincide with my college years. Thankfully, my amazing healthcare team helped me get through that challenging initial patch, and my last major flare was in the spring of 2015 (with a slight hiccup in the summer of 2017 due to salmonella poisoning). I'm now in very solid remission and often don't even think about the fact that I have IBD. I've reached a point that I thought was unobtainable, and I'm hoping that my experiences can help others and provide a tiny bit of hope that a mostly "normal" life just might be possible.

    @Wendy_L Love your sweet kitty! So precious! ❤️

    May 11, 2022
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