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Innovations: Sinasprite

Care Partner of Adult
April 18, 2022 in Care Partner of Adult

Did you know that video games can be good for your mental health? Of course, not all games cut the mustard, but according to LiteSprite, makers of the gaming app Sinasprite, this is “a first-to-market award winning clinically validated mobile game that addresses mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse.” We do not see IBD mentioned there, but most patients and care partners would agree that maintaining strong mental health and managing IBD are intricately related.

Lyfebulb Entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of LiteSprite, Swatee Surve, agrees. Her technological research background combined with personal experience motivated her search for a clinical health solution that factored in the patient’s mindset, lifestyle, and even finances. The result is Sinasprite, a self-help tool in the form of a player-driven game of self exploration, where “multiple exercises, in the form of minigames, enable users to easily learn and habitualize strategies including journaling, meditation, gratitude, breathing exercises, and physical exercise.”

Simply put, Sinasprite teaches mindfulness and stress management. And who couldn’t benefit from that?

Have any of you given Sinasprite a try?

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