Innovations in IBD: GITrak

Care Partner of Adult
March 7, 2022 in IBD

Here in the IBDLyfe discussion forum we are already seeing posts about the desire for IBD clinics, where a team of GI specialists, including the physician, dietician, nurse/physician assistant, therapist, and exercise coach, come together to provide appropriate support and care for patients with IBD, whose needs are unique. And as I always say that timing is everything, now there is the GITrak app.

Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneur David Schoen and his team have recently launched their app, available for both Android and iPhone. Schoen says it is presently accepted by a few major health insurance companies and will hopefully soon be accepted by all. While GITrak is still in its infant stages, Schoen’s plan for a dream team of experts, similar to those mentioned above, is actively in progress. As GITrak moves through its development stages, we could soon have real access to the specialists who understand our needs, but seriously! Check it out at:


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