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Updated March 18, 2022 in IBD

What sets IBDLyfe apart from other online IBD platforms? This seems to be the burning question for many, and so here is the answer: We are breaking out of the present-day mold of social media support groups and becoming much more than that.

Here is a bullet list of what IBDLyfe provides:

·       Find a Friend: peer-to-peer connectivity, building communities that also build insight and promote mentorship

·       Blogs: motivational stories that help others open up too

·       Resources: clinical, curated, and validated

·       Webinars: panel discussions with everyday experts like the patients and care partners that comprise the IBDLyfe platform

·       Health Tracker: patients and care partners can note biometric data and keep records in order to feel stronger and more confident when meeting with medical providers

·       Discussion Forum: a safe place that includes moderation and the promise of no data leaks

·       Partnerships: plans to partner with institutions to conduct real clinical research and offer seminars co-hosted with academic institutions

·       Innovation Challenges: industry help to source and recruit patients for speeches, workshops, challenges, and market research, meaning that patients will be able to make money using their own expertise in their disease

And that is what sets IBDLyfe apart from the rest of the players; we are creating an innovation engine. It is that drive to discover what more can be done and create the tools to make it happen that inspire innovation. And innovation is, in the end, what will improve the lives of IBD patients and their care partners. 

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